I made buttons!....

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.....but I managed to burn them in the oven.  They should have turned out to be these lovely colours - rose quartz and white.

Polymer Clay

Instead, the buttons look like this - not very lovely!


They have been well and truly burnt to a crisp!  I baked them at the recommended temperature for the time stated.  I used a mini oven to bake them so I'm wondering if it was something to do with that.  I'll turn the heat down next time and see how they turn out.


On the plus side, I have more polymer clay to play with.  I quite enjoyed making the buttons, it's something I've wanted to try for a while.  I definately need more practice though, that goes without saying.  I love the glittery blue, green and red - it just screams Christmas to me!



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  1. Kelly

    Hi Jen, It's great fun - you should try it for sure. Custom made buttons to match your designs / shade of yarn etc - FIMO even have a colour mixing chart so you can make your own colours. They have quite a nice glaze on them once baked although you can paint or varnish them if you want. (You just can't see the glaze through the blackness!). It was like being back at school playing with plastercine. :-) x

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  2. Jen

    Way to go Kelly ! I rather *like* the 'burntness' actually.. with a little varnish.. would look superb on a natural wool ! I gotta try this...

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