3/7/2013: Finished Aran Jumper (and another lovely gift)!

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Finally, I got the little Aran jumper finished. Here's a picture of it blocking, a close up of the pattern and the finished jumper sewn up and ready to be given away. I followed the pattern exactly as written except for the neck. I knitted that double the length and folded it back on itself, sewing the live stitches in.  The first picture is the truest representation of the actual yarn colour.

The pattern is from, "the big book of kids' knits" by Zoe Mellor.


I got another gift from my lovely friend Jen in California.  I'm a huge fan of Alice Starmore / Virtual Yarns and Jen very kindly made me my own shade card of Virtual Yarns from her own stash.  It's great actually seeing the colours in front of you rather than trying to gauge online how accurate the colours really are.  The colours are beautiful and vibrant.  Thank you also for the chocolate and postcards Jen.  It's lovely to see the area where you live - thanks again chookie!  X

I was looking through old photos recently and came across one of the house that my Granny and Grandpa used to live in.  My Granny taught me to knit here in front of a roaring fire.  I loved that house, it holds so many fond memories.  The garden in front was my Grandpas vegetable garden and it was magic wandering down and eating the peas straight from the pod.  My Gran would walk down and pick whatever vegetables she needed to make soup.  You don't get much fresher than that!

I can't believe it's July already - this year is fairly flying by.  I've started stocking up on logs for when the weather turns colder although the fire has been on as it's been cold and wet.  Having said that, the longest day has passed now so the nights will soon start to draw in. 

Cuilean and I went for a walk and we both got soaked to the skin.  He ended up filthy so it was straight into the shower for him much to his disgust.

I love vegan cakes.  I bought Ms. Cupcake's new book which came out in May.  The recipes are so tasty.  Naturally, I could only read her book wearing my cupcake pyjamas!

Here is a picture of the fabulous Ms. Cupcake herself.

I made vanilla cupcakes with custard frosting from the book.  I still haven't got the hang of the piping bag yet!  The cupcakes were delicious albeit very sweet.

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  1. Haha, you hoot and holler to your little hearts content! X

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  2. Jen

    Uh oh... I see that when you moved, you had to leave behind your comments . I will have to go over these older posts one-by-one and hoot & holler once again. :)

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