16/1/2012: Module 3 - C & G Knitwear Design. (Certificate).

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Finally got module 3 posted to Fiona today.  Again, this post is picture heavy with a breakdown of the course content.

Activity 1:

The objective of activity 1 is to be able to work with a fashion template and illustrate a variety of garments.

Activity 2:

Activity 2 is to knit a range of knit and purl stitch patterns, which should include stocking st, garter st, moss st,  1 x 1 rib, 2 x 2 rib, at least 2 wide rib patterns and at least 3 knit and purl patterns, e.g: gansey style patterns.

Activity 3:

Activity 3 is to do knit at least 2 examples of crossed stitch patterns.

Activity 4:

Activity 4 is to knit at least 2 cable patterns, one simple and one more complicated.


Activity 5:

Activity 5 is to knit at least one sample each of popcorn and bobbles and at least two examples of embossed patterns.

Activity 6:

Activity 6 is to collect a variety of charted patterns.

Activity’s 7 & 8:

Both these activities were to calculate a round neck set-in sleeve pattern and to calculate a v-neck raglan sleeve pattern.

Fashion Accessory:

I had to design and knit a fashion accessory and had the choice of a hat, belt, bag, collar, scarf, shawl or a piece of jewellery.  I chose to do a plain st st hat.  As well as the designing and knitting the hat, I had to do a sketch, a swatch, a design brief and an action plan.  I was quite pleased with how the hat turned out although would’ve preferred it to have a more rounded top.

I love Christmas and hated taking down my Christmas tree and decorations.  The house looks so bare now.  The Angel on the left hand side my Mum gave to me and is older than me.  She’s been carefully wrapped up and stored away.  (The Angel, not my Mum!).  ;-)

Here’s some of my favourite decorations.

Still, only 343 days till Christmas!     ;-)

And finally, couldn’t write a post and not include a photo of my wee boy.

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