4/4/2011: Module 2 - C & G Knitwear Design. (Certificate).

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I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I last posted.  I’m finally getting round to putting up my previous module from my city & guilds knitwear design course.  I’m almost finished module 3 so will photograph it and post it before I send it away to be marked. It’s a bit picture heavy this time but the module was enjoyable.  There are 16 activities in total for this module.

Activities 1 – 10 came under the heading ‘designing’ and ranged from painting your own colour wheel, painting tints and shades, working with complementary colours, and paint ranges of intermediate colours.  I’ve shown my examples in the photo below.  (Activities 1 to 4).

Activity 5 shown above was to find a postcard and make a torn paper collage matching it in colour and texture as much as possible.

Activity 6 was yarn wrappings again using a postcard and finding yarns as closely matching the colours on the postcard as much as possible.

Activity 7 was pretty much the same as the previous one only making a wrapped frame to match the postcard using various coloured yarns.

Activity 8 was to make a wrapped landscape using the same methods as above.

Activity 9 was a mosaic picture which for some reason I never photographed.  It basically was the same postcard and I had some square paper and done the postcard in mosaic form using felt pens and colouring pencils trying to match the colours / shades in the picture.

Activity 10 was again using paints to try and match the colours on the same postcard.  Also involved was photocopying the examples below and making various patterns from the cut out examples.

Activities 11 – 14 came under ‘knitting’ and consisted of colour mixing in knitting shown below.  For activity 11, I had to knit a piece of fabric using different stitches and blending colours together.

Activity 12 was doing knitted examples of  activity 10.  (Looking back on the photo’s I certainly don’t believe in weaving in ends!).

Activity 13 was shaping, using various increases and decreases.

Activity 14 I never photographed which was joining seams: knitted seam join, mattress stitch join, backstitch join and slipstitch join.

Activities 15 & 16 came under ‘general knowledge’.  Activity 15 was drawing a basic block from measurements taken from a person, in my case I used my sister.

Activity 16 which I never photographed was the same as 15 only using different necklines, sleeve types etc.

After all my hard work I decided to treat myself so bought a set of Bryspun needles from sizes 3.25mm – 5.50mm and a couple of ‘fix-it tools’ which is basically a little cable needle with a crochet hook at the opposite end.  It’s a handy wee gadget to have on hand for dropped stitches etc.  I also bought myself some Lion brand Vanna’s choice baby aran and Lion cotton.

And, last but certainly not least a picture of the wee boy who has tried to get in every shot I’ve taken of my work.  My best friend Cuilean.  (Pronounced cool-ann).


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