What is this I see?....

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.....light at the end of the tunnel!


I've finally got the knitting part of 'Coinneach' done.  I just need to decide on the length of the neck.  It's currently 2½cm but I don't like it so I'm thinking of unravelling it to 2cm.  Just the blocking and seaming left to do then it'll be ready to be sent off to be assessed.


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  1. Hi Ashley, I'm planning on putting plenty of knitting on in the future showing the different stages of a design from the initial drawings and swatches through to the completed item. You should learn for sure! I find it a great way to relax.

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  2. Ashley LaMar

    I want to learn how to knit this year. It's one of the personal goals I have set for myself. :) I hope you share more about knitting, I'd love to follow!

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