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I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a couple of balls of scheepjes whirl yarn, one each in Jumpin' Jelly and Cotton Candy Man.  I love the colours.  I've no idea what I'll do with them though.

IMG_3716 (Edited)


Who would've thought there would be so many ways to sew on a four hole button?!


I'm a taurean and that's true for me.


Where has this year gone?  Tomorrow is the 1st of August!

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  1. Hi chooks! Yeah, comments aren't published until they are ok'd. I'll add you to my newsletter and change my blog address too. I've had a sick wee dog with mild pancreatitis this week but I'll email you and tell you all about it later. I managed to get the day off work to look after him but fingers crossed he's on the slow road to recovery.

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  2. Jen

    Hi Chookeroo! Kelly, I have to say, I love that yarn you got a hold of, and seems to me gradient yarn cakes are the best no-calorie kind, and delicious as can be! Also, I really appreciate your post on different ways to sew a button! I love your blog and I want to get this straight; I do keep trying to subscribe to your blog, and I hope it works this time. You have your old blog url still on the profile in which you comment on Yarnings, I was hoping you might update that to this url?

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