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1)      I was born 3 months early in 1975 and weighed 2lb 2oz’s.

2)      I’m studying to be a knitwear designer.

3)      I love knitting and hate studying.

4)      I work well under pressure.

5)      I love dogs.

6)      I’m allergic to cats.

7)      I always fancied being a vet nurse but can't.  (See number 6).  I love vets.  I’m in awe of how clever they are.

8)      I hate driving.

9)      I work as a driver.

10)   I have no sense of direction.

11)   I’m proud to be Scottish.

12)   I’ve lived in Dunoon, Argyll (where I’m from), Glasgow and Inverness.

13)   I can’t imagine ever leaving Scotland.

14)   I love my surname and its history.

15)   I’m an introvert.

16)   I was a special constable with (the then) Strathclyde police for 6 years.

17)   I love all chocolate except for the dark stuff.

18)   I would be vegan if I never ate chocolate.

19)   I hate spiders and wasps.

20)   I hate ladybirds.  I feel physically sick when I see them open their backs to fly.  That totally gives me the creeps.

21)   I hate the summer and hot weather.

22)   I love cold, rainy days.

23)   Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons.

24)   Christmas is my favourite time of year.

25)   I love living by the sea.

26)   I don’t drink tea or coffee.  I only drink water or juice.

27)   The thought of eating a fig or anything with figs in it turns my stomach.

28)   I’ve never been drunk in my life.  I’m not a fan of alcohol (or drugs).  (See number 16).

29)   I hate flying.

30)   I like sailing.

31)   I learned to swim when I was 27.  I’m still a very poor swimmer with no confidence in the water and still have a fear of the deep end of the pool.

32)   I’d love to learn to play water polo.

33)   I had constant ear problems as a child and had to have a couple of operations.  I'm slightly deaf in my left ear now.

34)   I’m an optimistic, glass is half full kind of person.

35)   I have a wicked sense of humour.

36)   I’m very laidback and don’t panic – unless my dog is sick.  My world revolves around him.

37)   I took a 6 week course to learn to crochet and I still can’t get the hang of it.

38)   I love all colours except for red.  I won’t get in a red car or buy or wear anything red.  I associate it with bad luck and danger.

39)   I hate wearing shoes and slippers.  I wear socks in the house.

40)   I can’t stand shopping for clothes or shoes but will spend hours in a yarn or book shop.

41)   I’m a typical taurean.

42)   I’ve seen every single episode of ‘All creatures great and small’ and ‘The darling buds of may’.

43)   I have the worst memory and have to write lists.

44)   I hate denim and wool against my skin.  I don’t own a pair of jeans or any pure wool items of clothing.

45)   In 30 plus years of knitting I’ve only ever made myself a pair of mittens, a hat and three scarves.

46)   I have a knitting machine which lives in a box in my shed.  I’ll learn to use it one day.

47)   I have a sewing machine which frightens the life out of me.  I have a fear of my fingers getting caught in the fast moving needle.

48)   I love ghost stories even though they frighten the wits out of me.  I sleep with my bible under my pillow.

49)   I would love to be as creative knittingwise as Bjork is musically.

50)   My hero is ex F1 Scottish racing driver Jackie Stewart.

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