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After almost 10 years of living in Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, I'm moving back home to Dunoon, Argyll.  My house is under offer and all being well *fingers crossed*, me and Cuily will be heading back home sometime in April.  Here's the photo's that my estate agent took for their website.  I must admit I'll miss Inverness and my wee cottage but it's time to go back home.  All my family are in Dunoon so it makes sense.

Front of the house:


house 1

Living room:

house 2

house 3


house 4

house 5

Laundry room:

house 6

Bedroom 1:

house 7

house 8

Bedroom 2:

house 9

house 10


house 11

house 12

Back garden:

house 13

house 14

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