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  1. My certificates arrived!

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    My C & G certificates arrived in the post on Saturday.  I was pleased to receive them. 




    I've watermarked both photos incase they are copied and used for unscrupulous reasons.  I didn't think such a thing happened but apparently it does.....who would have thought?!

    I've had a couple of gorgeous little hedgehogs in the garden these past couple of weeks.  They don't scuttle off either when you walk up close to them to put down a little pile of mealworms or photograph them.  They're beautiful little creatures.  I couldn't get over how cute their little ears and noses are.  Cuily didn't know what to make of them, he just had a wee bark and growl to himself.



    I stood in the shadows and took this picture.  I couldn't get over how loud they eat.  It sounded like s/he was eating a packet of crisps!